We Specialize in Quickbooks Accounting and Financial Reporting for Southern Cal

QB-LA pros can streamline your business accounting practices, minimize costs, and provide fast, accurate information through your QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online or other accounting software. Our experienced staff – ranging from clericals to CPAs – can work with just about any business.

Do what you can in-house, and let us do the rest.

We’ve got especially competitive rates for bookkeeping and general data-entry. And we’re especially good at integrations, data import/export, IIF files, and e-commerce. Click here to see more on this.

Most of our work is performed remotely, where we can keep up with your entries quickly and inexpensively. And your staff avoids disruptions and extra overhead costs. We’ll setup secure Internet connections to make the entries, allowing your management 7×24 (even when we’re working) access to the latest registers and reports from PC’s, Apple devices, tablets and smartphones.

We apply the right accounting expertise to your books as-needed. Continue making the entries familiar to your business – and let us do the rest.

Does your operation need data-entry help? A bookkeeper? Or a higher end Quickbooks accounting Pro? We’ll engage the person with the right skill sets to get it done fast and save you save money.

We also do –QuickBooks meeting in Los Angeles

• Catch-ups – Small businesses often fall behind in accounting and bookkeeping. We can quickly and accurately enter historical data and get everything up to date. Outsource your headache to us!

• Payroll – headaches, contractors, tax deposits and filings?  Payroll is a stress to most small businesses but now it’s easy. We’ve got a fast, efficient, and cheap solutions for everything. See our Payroll Page to learn more.

• Clean-Ups  – Many clients have overstuffed Quickbooks files with lots of trash from previous times. This can choke QB’s performance while the system constantly searches through obsolete and unneeded records. We  can purge thousands of irrelevant vendors, clients, items, employees, and transactions to improve performance. Keep your old file for historical purposes, but use a cleaned-up, smaller file for the future.

• Taxes Taxes Taxes – We can sort out many problems with FTB, EDD, Board of Equalization, SSA, IRS and other agencies. Certain matters may also be referred to legal or specialized accounting counsel.

• Accounts Receivable – Many firms don’t have time to keep up with AR. We can get your cash in the bank by methodically contacting your clients and communicating with a velvet glove all the way up to legal efforts as needed.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil.